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1. We’ll do it ________ you told us.

2. __________ you believe it or not, it’s true.

3. I haven’t heard from him ________ he went to America.

4. He won’t be here _________ he is invited.

5. He will not go to the cinema _________ he is very busy.

6. __________ she has learnt English for four years, she can not speak it well.

7. My mother is cooking ________ my father is reading.

8. Physics is not so easy, ________ I like it very much.

9. Tom was __________ ill that we had to send for a doctor.

10. When you’re learning a foreign language, use it, _________ you will lose it.

11. Go along the road, _______ you’ll find the market at the end of it.

12. You’ll be late _________ you don’t get up early tomorrow morning.



1. I don’t like people ______ talk much but do little.

2. I’ll never forget the day  _______ I first met you.

3. The girl with _______ I go to school is my best friend.

4. This is the tallest building _______ I have ever seen. 

5. This is the house in __________ I lived ten years ago.

6. They rushed over to help the man ________ car had broken down.

7.  Is this the reason _______ he refused our offer?

8. This is the mountain village _______ I stayed last year.

9. He gave us everything _______ he had in the bag.

10. Mr. Black is going to Beijing in October, ______ is the best season there.



1. 如果你现在不出发,你就会错过末班车。

______ you don’t leave now, you ________    __________ the final bus.

2. 我一到家就给你打电话

I will ring you up _______ _________ ________ I get home.

3. 丽莎觉得这部电影如此感人,以至于她开始哭了起来

Lisa was ________ _______ by the move _______ she began to cry.

4. 你妈妈想知道你是否已经安全到校

Your mother wants to know ________ you have reached school safely.

5. 个子很高的那个女孩是我姐姐

The girl _______ _______ very ______  is my elder sister.

6. 我永远不会忘记我们住在一起的日子

I will never forget the days _____ _________ ________ _________.

7. 这是我曾经听过的最有趣的故事之一

This is one of the most interesting ________ ________ I _______ ______ _________.

8. 杰克将去访问他出生的医院

Jack will visit the hospital _______ _______ __________ __________ _____________.

9. 他们现在住的房子是 50 年前建的

The house _________ ___________ they are living was built 50 years ago

10. 他们所做的一切都是为了我们好

All ________  __________   ____________   _____________  is good for us.


1. The school which I studied for only two years was three kilometers away.

2. I know the reason that he came late.

3. There is nothing which we can do now.

4. Since you’re unable to answer, so we should ask someone else.

5. The house stands at the place that the two roads meet.

6. Can you think of anyone who’s house was here?

7. This is the only book that were borrowed from the library.

8. He was very foolish that he didn’t pass such an easy exam.

9. Tom had gone out as soon as his mother got home.

10. Because I didn’t finish my homework, so my teacher was very angry.



(while,  since, as soon as,  because, as, what, who, so that, whenever, which, that, until, as if )

1. We can’t go out ______ the rain stops.

2. You can come _______ you are free.

3. I’ll go to visit my grandparents living in the countryside ______ the summer holiday starts.

4. We talked about the persons and things ______ we could remember.

5. We decide to go online ______ we could see what is happening at home and abroad.

6. I feel that pandas are the most important animals _______ there aren’t very many of them left.

7. I remember the whole thing _______ it happened yesterday.

8. _______ you have grown up, you should not depend on your parents.

9. Sports build our body _______ reading builds our mind.

10. We want to know ________ we can do to help them.


1. The little boy is saving every coin _____ he can buy his mother a present on Mother’s Day.

    A. even if        B. so that      C. as soon as

2. I prefer movies _______ me something to think about.

   A. which gives        B. that gives          C. that give        D. who give

3. ---- Daniel, could you tell me _________?

    ---- Certainly. In Japan.

    A. when the 2020 Olympics will be held.

    B. when will the 2020 Olympics be held.

    C. where the 2020 Olympics will be held.

    D. where will the 2020 Olympics be held.

4. ---- I really want to relax myself. Could we see that new movie this evening?

    ---- Sure! The actor ______ a hero used to be a school teacher. I like him very much.

   A. who play        B. which plays       C. who plays        D. that play

5. I’m planning a trip to the beach tomorrow, but still can’t decide _______.

     A. where I’m going       B. how I’m going      C. why I’m planning    D. when I’m planning

6. ______ Simon  has done well in his studies, he still works really hard.

     A. Although        B. Because       C. Unless        D. When

7. We asked the guard _______ the office would still be open at  6 p.m.

     A. what       B. that          C. which        D. whether

8. ______ he has little knowledge, ______ the old worker has a lot of experiences.

     A. Although, /        B. If, but         C. Though, but         D. Because, so

9. The humans are destroying the nature day by day, _______ of course, will cause severe punishment form it sooner or later.

     A. who        B. when         C. on which        D. which

10. ---- I’d like to know ______.

      ---- Maybe in the forest.

    A. whether we will go camping      B. where we will go camping

    C. whether will we go camping       D. where will we go camping

11. Books are everywhere, but it’s not easy to find one ______ is really interesting.

     A. that          B. who            C. it             D. what

12. Don’t talk about such things of _________ you are not sure.

    A. what        B. as             C. that          D. which

13. Ben was busy taking a training class, _______ we had to wait for him for half an hour.

    A. so            B. if             C. or            D. but

14. I wanted to know ________ last weekend.

    A. what Mary does          B. what does Mary do       C. what Mary did         D. what did Mary do

15. I know _______ I promised to take you to dinner, but I won’t finish working until ten o’clock.

    A. that       B. if           C. what          D. why

16. ---- Can we go and watch the football game?

      ---- No, ______ you have the tickets.

     A. if         B. unless         C. because           D. since

17. My dog has been lost for two weeks ______ it left home.

    A. when     B. while        C. until       D. since

18. My grandfather has a computer, but he doesn’t know ______ to use it.

    A. what       B. how         C. who         D. which

19. Studying in groups is necessary _______ you want to do well in school.

    A. if          B. until          C. unless        D. though

20. I hardly knew anything about it ________ you told me.

    A. since      B. after      C. until        D. when

21. Please take the medicine three times a day,  _______ it won’t work well.

     A. and       B. but        C. or          D. so

22. He asked me ______ I would go somewhere warm or not.

     A. that       B. which      C. if         D. whether

23. ---- How about my car?

      ---- It is comfortable to drive, _______ it looks old.

     A. though      B. or         C. so        D. because

24. There are many works of art in the museum   ______ we will visit tomorrow.

     A. where      B. who         C. which       D. what

25. _______ have finished the work can leave.

    A. Those who          B. Anyone         C. The one who       D. Someone

26. Is there any one in your class ______ family is in the city?

    A. whose           B. which           C. that          D. who

27. I was chatting with my friends on the Internet in my study ______ my mother came in.

    A. while        B. when       C. as         D. since

28. Miss Gao is very helpful. She often helps us ______ we are in trouble.

     A. whether       B. whenever       C. although        D. however

29. ---- I don’t know ______ now.

       ---- She is much better today.

     A. how is she             B. where is she         C. how she is       D. where she is

30. ---- Have you found the information about the famous people ______ you can use for the report?

       ---- Not yet. I’ll search some on the Internet.

     A. who         B. what         C. whom        D. which



1. I _______ Mary  and Jane   ______ good at dancing.

     A. don’t think,  are        B. don’t think, is       C. think, aren’t          D. think, isn't

2. Though the text is short and there are no new words in it, ______ it is not easy to understand.

    A. but        B. and        C. /       D. for

3. My father told me light ______ much faster than sound.

    A. is traveling           B. will travel       C. traveled          D. travels

4. _______ Tom _____ Mary knows Chinese, so they can understand this Chinese newspaper.

    A. Neither, nor        B. Not only, but also       C. Both, and       D. Either, or

5. ---- Excuse me. Do you have a table for two?

    ---- I’m sorry, _____ there aren’t any seats now. Would you mind waiting for a while?

     A. but        B. and        C. or         D. so

6. ---- I’m going to Hangzhou for a holiday this weekend.

    ---- _______ you are there, can you buy me some green tea?

     A. Because      B. While       C. If          D. Though

7. Can you lend me the book ______ the other day?

    A. which you talked        B. that you talked       C. about that you talked       D. you talked about

8. Is this school ______ you visited last week?

    A. that          B. which          C. where        D. the one

9. This is all _____ she said about it.

    A. who        B. which       C. that        D. what

10. ---- What’s your plan for the summer holiday?

      ---- I’ll go to Beijing _____ the school term ends.

     A. in order that          B. so that       C. as soon as        D. even though



1. Go back ____ you come from.

A. why        B. where       C. when       D. how

2. ---- Excuse me. I’d like to take exercise but I’m new here. Could you please tell me _____?

    ---- Follow me. I’ll take you there.

    A. how I can get to the airport.        B. where the supermarket is

     C. how to get to the police station        D. which is the way to the sports center

3. Great changes have taken place in our city in the past ten years. Everything ______ comes into sight is so new to me.

     A. that      B. which      C. who      D. whom

4. It’s a good habit to wash your hands ______ you have meals.

    A. unless     B. while      C. when      D. before

5. ---- I’d like to read some Chinese classics. Any suggestions?

    ---- Journey to the West.  It’s a book _______ is about Monkey King.

    A. what     B. who      C. that

6. Could you help me with housework   _____ you are free today?

    A. since      B. though      C. unless      D. until

7. Theaters may have a brighter future if they can provide a movie experience   ______ people cannot get at home.

    A. that         B. who          C. whom        D. what

8. ---- Could you tell me ______?

    ---- My life is not what it used to be.

     A. what you think of yourself            B. how you like your present life

     C. what your life is like after you became famous

9.  ---- Can you tell me _____ to London?

      ---- Sure. Next month.

     A. when you will travel         B. when will you travel

      C. when you travelled          D. when did you travel

10. Running Man is a very relaxing TV program  ______ is hot among the young people.

     A.  what         B. which      C. who          D. whom

11. ---- I can hardly believe my eyes. Is that you, Lucy?

     ---- Yes. It has been almost 20 years ______ we were together.

     A. since       B. before      C. after         D. until

12. ---- Nowadays WeChat is very popular among friends.

      ---- Yes. It seems to be the best way of communication _____ people like.

     A. that        B. which      C. who

13. ---- I’m waiting for the mail. Do you know _____ it will arrive?

      ---- Usually it comes by 4 p.m.

     A. how          B. where         C. when        D. what

14. Confucius  was a famous philosopher   _____ has influenced the world greatly.

     A. whose      B. whom        C. which        D. who

15. The police wondered _______.

     A. whose handbag it is             B. whose handbag it was

     C. whose handbag is it             D. whose handbag was it

16.  Everyone _______ has been to Shanghai says it is a modern city.

     A. why        B. whose         C. who         D. which

17. It was raining heavily, _____ we decided to stay at home and watch TV.

     A. but         B. or           C. because           D. so

18. They will lose the game    _______ they try their best.

     A. unless      B. once      C. since     D. after

19.  “Underground” is the only word in the English language ______ begins and ends with the letters “und”.

     A. what        B. that        C. who         D. whom

20. _____ I am in trouble, my classmates will help me out.

    A. Before     B. Whenever     C. Although

21. Confucius once said,“Everything has beauty, _____ not everyone sees it.”

     A. but         B. or       C. and

22.  The teacher asked me to read aloud _____ all the students could hear me.

     A. so that       B. for      C. because       D. in order to

23. ______ he was very tired, he continued working in his office.

     A. since      B. Although     C. As soon as     D. Because

24. He’s not a perfect child. He sometimes talks back ______ his parents talk with him.

     A. if         B. before      C. when      D. until

25. ---- Do you know the girl _____ is talking with our teacher?

      ---- Oh, she is my sister.

      A. who       B. whose       C. whom         D. where

26. I like the writers ______ are popular  among teenagers.

      A. who     B. which      C. whom

27. I don’t understand _____ that everything is fine when it’s not.

      A. how can he say        B. can he say how        C. he can say how       D. how he can say

28.  It will be 2 years _____ we see each other again.

      A. after      B. before      C. since      D. when

29. She is the girl ________ invention got the first prize in the school competition.

     A. who        B. that         C. which       D. whose

30. A friend is someone ______ says, “What! You too? I thought I was the only one!"

     A. who       B. which       C. what      D. whose

31. I still remember the college and the teachers   ______ I visited years ago.

      A. what      B. who       C. that          D. which

32. It’s bad for health to hurry to move into a house _____ has new furniture in it.

      A. who        B. where       C. that

33.  I know a place _____ we can have a big meal.

      A. what        B. where       C. which      D. that

34. ---- Do you like reading history books when you are free?

       ---- No. I like story books ______ I almost read them every day.

     A. and      B. but        C. or        D. then

35. I have to leave now   ________ I can catch the last bus.

      A. so that        B. because of     C. until      D. as soon as

36. ---- Could you tell me _____?

      ---- “Rome was not built in a day.” You should try to give it enough chances to become strong.

      A. why I should do to have a good memory

      B. what I can do to have a good memory

      C. how can I have a good memory

37. ---- Now many people smoke and get ill.

       ---- So we should do something ______ can help stop smoking.

      A. what       B. who      C. /      D. that

38. Nobody believes a 92-year-old woman could run a marathon ______ she passed the finishing line. People of all ages can challenge themselves.

      A. if            B. since        C. until

39. ---- That actor often joins in different activities in Beijing. Do you know _____ ?

       ---- For 5 years.

      A. how soon he will come back

      B. how long he has stayed there

      C. how long has he stayed there

      D. how often does he go there

40. Franklin told them all _____ to be in Britain again.

      A. he was how happy      B. how happy he was     C. how was he happy       D. he was happy how