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第二部分 阅读(共两节,满分 50 分)

第一节(共15小题;每小题 2.5 分,满分 37.5 分)


        No matter where you live in the world, or where else you travel, there is often a beautiful island within easy reach. Here are some of them for you to enjoy.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

        Unguja is the largest island of Zanzibar with accommodation for all budgets. It lies in the Indian Ocean, off Tanzania on the east coast of Africa. Also known as the "Spice Islands", Zanzibar has a history of trade in cloves, cinnamon, and other spices. There is plenty you can see and do at very little cost in Zanzibar. You can explore the maze of the old Stone Town and eat at local markets. The beaches and the Dhows(阿拉伯三角帆船)in the water during sunrise and sunset on the coast are sublime.

The Pearl Islands, Panama

        The Pearl Islands in the Gulf of Panama used to be a getaway that only the relatively wealthy could afford. But the case is not so nowadays! Contadora Island is the main island and where you will find more of the higher-end resorts. To get more affordable ones, you can look to some of the other islands such as Saboga Island, and go whale watching along the way.

Hainan Island, China

        Another island that caters to all budgets is Hainan Island, almost the most southern area of China you can visit. It's not small with a land area of 35,400 square kilometers, which means you have plenty within reach. There are historical sites, beaches and tropical forests all on the island.

Komodo Island, Indonesia

        Named after the Komodo dragon, a large lizard native to the land in its honor, Komodo Island is in Indonesia in Southeast Asia. Referred to as the real-life Jurassic Park, Komodo is an island for getting back to basics. Activities include trekking, diving, and, of course, exploring beaches. One of the beaches has sand that is pink ---- and is one of the seven amazing pink sand beaches in the world.

21.  Which island has long been a trading area of spices?

        A. Zanzibar.        B. The Pearl Islands        C. Hainan Island        D. Komodo Island

22. What can you do on the Pearl Islands?

        A. Eat at local markets.

        B. Visit the tropical forests.

        C. Explore the sandy beaches.

        D. Observe whales in the sea.

23. What do you know about Komodo Island?

        A. It's named after a lizard.

        B. It's located in Northeast Asia.

        C. It is the filming location of Jurassic Park.

        D. It has the only pink sand beach in the world.



        Having treated thousands of elephants, veterinary(兽医的) officer Taweepoke, however, cannot forget an injured elephant bearing a sharp pain in the dense bush 20 years ago.

        "His two front legs were broken. I could do nothing but feed him pain reliever. We were not able to move him out from the deep jungle, neither did we have the medicine or equipment on site to save him from dying," said Taweepoke.

        Facing the world's largest land animal, the vet has seen the situation being slowly improved since then.

        Covering an area of 320 hectares, the state-owned reserve is home to more than 100 Asian elephants in northern Thailand Lampang Province. It's a center for research and is at the forefront of treating sick elephants in Thailand.

        In addition to an on-site hospital, elephants in distress(危难)are treated by a mobile clinic and rescue unit wherever they may be in the kingdom. As most domesticated elephants' health problems result from the improper practices of mahouts(驯象人), the center also set up a mahout training school.

        "We started from a small clinic with a leaky roof and a few medical boxes 27 years ago. With every help call, we set off never quite knowing what we would find and whether we could make a satisfactory treatment. It's exciting, scaring and distressing," said Taweepoke.

        The vet called the job and adventure. "You never know what's around the corner in the remote jungle, especially dealing with a giant pachyderm(厚皮动物). Sometimes you have to hide in a tree to keep yourself from its attack, and sometimes you have to stay there for a week just to treat the badly wounded until it can walk. I love the moment when I successfully save an elephant's life. It's wonderful."

        "Each failed rescue effort is a precious lesson. There is no elephant veterinary manual, " the vet recalled with pity in his eyes. "It's all about passion and experience. Just think about I managed t rescue hundreds of the world's biggest land animals. That's cool and it makes me continue."

24. Why does Taweepoke still remember the elephant 20 years ago?

        A. He felt pity for its death.

        B. It was his first rescue effort.

        C. He made a mistake in the rescue.

        D. The elephant was falsely treated.

25. What does the center do?

        ①Treat sick elephants.        ②Raise wild elephants.       

        ③Rescue elephants in danger.        ④Provide training to mahouts.

        A. ①②③        B. ①②④        C. ①③④        D. ②③④

26. How does Taweepoke think of his job?

        A. Risky but well-paid.

        B. Boring but worthwhile.

        C. Exhausting but mysterious.

        D. Adventurous but rewarding.

27. What plays a key role in rescuing an elephant according to the last paragraph?

        A. Rich experience.

        B. Suitable weather.

        C. Advanced equipment.

        D. Enough rescue workers.


        When an animal move through its environment, it leaves little bits of DNA ---- skin cells, hair, fecal matter(排泄物)---- behind. Scientists have used this environmental DNA or eDNA, as a powerful tool for understanding what lives in an ecosystem. But extending the use of eDNA monitoring to remote areas, and especially to conducting routine sampling in remote parts of the ocean, is difficult to organize and expensive to implement.

        In a recent study, a team of researchers, including Simon Goodman, a biologist at the University of Leeds in England, has proposed a promising way to expand the reach of this technique. As Goodman and his colleagues describe, partnering commercial vessels can make the routine eDNA survey of large areas of remote ocean much easier and cheaper.

        The idea was proposed by Elena Valsecchi, a molecular ecologist at the University of Milano-Bicocca in Italy, who asked a friend doing observational studies from ferries in the Mediterranean Sea if one of her graduate students could tag along(尾随)and collect eDNA samples. The ferries just happen to pass through the Pelagos Sanctuary for marine mammals, making themselves an ideal area for testing.

        In 2018, the team took samples of the Mediterranean by diverting some of the seawater that was being used to cool the ferry's engine, then processed them to see what could be found. 

        "It seemed to work really well, " Goodman says. "There'd been concern that surface sampling would miss things, but their analysis picked up even cetacean (鲸目动物的)species such as whales and dolphins that are notoriously hard to catch with eDNA." he adds.

        Expanding the use of eDNA monitoring could advance what scientists know about ecosystem structure in remote areas and be good news for conservation research by giving a new window on the abundance of endangered and invasive species.

28. What challenge do scientists face when using eDNA monitoring?

        A. Samples in remote areas are hard and costly to get.

        B. Few scientists know how to conduct routine sampling.

        C. It is hard to figure out what species lives in the ocean.

        D. Animals don't leave enough eDNA in the environment.

29. How do the researchers successfully expand the reach of eDNA?

        A. by hiring skilled biologists from colleges.

        B. By cooperating with commercial vessels.

        C. By applying to their school for more funds.

        D. by traveling to remote areas in the ocean.

30. What was the worry about the new way of sampling?

       A. It might fail to get the DNA of some species.

       B. It requires hard work and careful analysis.

        C. It increase the cost of scientific research.

        D. It only contained DNA of whales and dolphins.

31. What does the last paragraph mainly talk about?

        A. The lower cost and accessibility of traditional sampling.

        B. Conservation efforts concerning endangered species.

        C. The benefits of expanding the use of eDNA monitoring.

        D. The latest research on the ecosystem in remote areas.


        Since there seems to be an app for everything, it may come as no surprise that there is an app for cheating. But what surprised me most as and educator playing this cat-and-mouse game for decades is that cheating is now scaled up. Chegg, in which students pay $10 or $15 a month for round-the-clock access to resources including exam questions, textbook solutions and homework "help", reported 4.9 million subscribers, a 31% year-over-year increase, and $198.5 million in quarterly revenue.

        As an unintended consequence of technology allowing remote learning and exams, students are finding more and more online venues allowing them to earn grades and diplomas by cheating. How do we curb this kind of cheating and its threat to the integrity(诚实)of our students and educational system?

        The answer depends on the motivation behind the decision to cheat. Many students don't think of it as cheating,  as they are paying a legal company for the service; others feel pressured to get the grades and so justify the means. Some students who are cheating dodge academic consequences, as there are few technology solutions to capture original answers provided by experts, and plagiarism(剽窃)-catching software can't detect original work bought and paid for by these students.

        However, in 2020, Australian lawmakers made it illegal to arrange for or advertise selling certain cheating services such as paid essay writing. Did it have an effect? According to Forbes contributing writer Derek Newton, many of the biggest and best-known essay mills(工厂)are ending operations there.

        Besides, fighting against this cheating requires a coordinated effort by educational institutions and their accreditors, with accreditation agencies possibly changing online professional entrance exams to prevent cheating. Fields such as engineering, science and nursing will lose in the long run if students cheat their way into the professions.

        Indeed, our society loses the most from this cheating in plain sight(显眼的). Cheating corrupts the individual who cheats, yes, but it also destroys the faith we have in our educational system, its honest graduates and the people we depend on to build technology that truly serves human interaction, decision making and achievement.

32.  What might the writer be?

        A. A teacher        B. A parent        C. An official        D. A policeman

33.  What does the underlined word "dodge" in the third paragraph mean?

        A. Reject        B. Face        C. Avoid        D. Accept

34.  What happened after Australian lawmakers took action against cheating?

        A. Few students dared to cheat any longer.

        B. Many writers and scholars lost their jobs.

        C. Students who cheat faced serious outcomes.

        D. Many essay-selling companies were closed there.

35.  What is the best title of the passage?

        A. How to fight against college cheating?

        B. Being honest is the most important quality.

        C. What happened to the educational system?

        D. Online cheating, the dark side of remote learning


第二节 (7选5,共5小题;每小题 2.5 分,满分 12.5 分)

Making a difference to the world

        The world has become an increasingly crowded place, and we are using our natural resources at an unprecedented pace. The pandemic, conflicts, economic recession, and natural disaster are affecting our society profoundly. ___36____.

        Be grateful. I feel that gratitude can do wonders for our mental health and personal satisfaction. Grateful people are happier and more content with what they have instead of blindly seeking something they don't have. __37___.

        Live by your core values. Every one of us has a set of core values instilled(逐渐灌输)in us since our childhood. As adults, we can either choose to expand these values, create new ones, or forget them altogether. ___38___. By choosing the way of righteousness and living by our core values, we can instill those values into the people around us.

        Take a stand. Whether you stand for world peace, and end to hunger, a social awakening, or the healing of our planet, you have to take a stand. ___39___. In doing so, you will soon find that you are making a difference and changing the world for a better one each and every day.

        ___40___. There are a lot of problems in our neighborhood. Households that lose primary sources of income and solitary(独居的)elderly people may need your help. If we all work together toward a common goal, we can strengthen our communities, leading to a more peaceful, happy and robust world.

        A. Get involved in your local community

        B. There is a lot we can learn from each other

        C. Don't just talk about it; go out and live it

        D. That means they will cherish more and consume less

        E. Each path will have its effect on ourselves and the world around us

        F. We can improve our lives and everyone's lives only through unremitting effort

        G. Fortunately, everyone can contribute to a better world by making small changes

第三部分 语言运用(共两节,满分 30 分)

第一节(共15小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分)

        Doctors have __41__ our dad, Jack Hanna, with dementia(痴呆), now believed to be Alzheimer's disease. His condition has __42__ much faster in the last few months than any of us could have expected. Sadly, Dad is no longer able to __43__ public life as he used to.

        A passion for wildlife __44__ and education has been at the core of who our dad is and everything he has __45__ with the help of so many.

        He has spent his life connecting people with wildlife because he has always believed that having people see and spend time with animals is the __46__ to engaging them in more impactful conservation efforts. He's always said, "You have to touch the heart to __47__ the mind."  Even though Dad is no longer able to travel and work in the same way, we know that his __48__ enthusiasm has touched many hearts and will continue to be kept.

        The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has been a __49__ part of our lives since we moved to Central Ohio as young adults in 1978. From day one, Dad __50__ for improved wildlife habitats and focused on __51__ the community with animals. After he left his active management role as Executive Director in 1992, he continued to be a spokesperson for the zoo until his __52__ last year.

        Dad loves the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and The Wilds, and shows great __53__ of hundreds of employees and volunteers, who work extremely hard each day to care for the animals and __54__ an incredible experience for the families who visit. We share his dedication to the Central Ohio community and will continue to __55__ the wildlife conservation efforts around the world.

41.  A. supplied        B. diagnosed        C. treated        D. equipped

42.  A. occurred        B. flowed        C. worsened        D. ached

43.  A. object to        B. rely on        C. go through        D. participate in

44.  A. conservation        B. arrangement        C. application        D. organization

45.  A. accomplished        B. experienced        C. rejected        D. reflected

46.  A. devotion        B. approach        C. solution        D. key

47.  A. make        B. improve        C. teach        D. remember

48.  A. remote        B. infectious        C. ripe        D. rough

49.  A. major        B. secure        C. steady        D. pure

50.  A. paid        B. voted        C. argued        D. advocated

51.  A. sharing        B. comparing        C. connecting        D. balancing

52.  A. retirement        B. invitation        C. caution        D. profession

53.  A. power        B. appreciation        C. importance        D. opinion

54.  A. repeat        B. ensure        C. cancel        D. celebrate

55.  A. consume        B. declare        C. receive        D. support


第二节(共10小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分)

        Coffee drinkers are more likely  ___________ (develop) kidney disease, a new study warns. Scientists found metabolites(代谢物)in the blood connected with coffee consumption which could increase  _________ risk of the life-threatening disease. Researchers from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health  _____________ (examine) 372 blood metabolites in almost 5,000 people. They found one coffee-related metabolite may help ___________ (we) kidneys become healthier. "A large body of ___________ (science) evidence has suggested that __________ (consume) a large amount of coffee is consistent with a healthy diet," Dr. Casey Rebholz, a Johns Hopkins associate professor of epidemiology, tells South West News Service in a statement. "We were able to identify one metabolite that supports this theory." "There were two other metabolites associated with coffee that were __________ (surprising) associated with a higher risk of chronic kidney disease," Dr. Rebholz continues. "These compounds were also associated with cigarette smoking, ________ may in part explain why these compounds were related to a higher risk of kidney disease."

        Study authors note they did not account _________ differences in people's self reported consumption. They add that they'll need to conduct ___________ (far) tests to confirm their discovery.

第四部分 写作(共两节,满分 40 分)

第一节 (满分 15 分)

        你校将邀请北京大学的 Professor Wang 举办一场关于英语词源的讲座。请你以学生会的名义给你校英文网站写一则通知,内容包括:

        1. 目的和内容;

        2. 时间和地点;

        3. 欢迎参加。

注意:写作词数应为 80 左右。

第二节 (满分 25 分)

        It was a dark night in Texas when Luke Armstrong was driving slowly, thinking of solutions to his problems. He had a sick daughter named Anne, and he was worried she would give in to her illness before he could gather enough money to pay for the surgery.

        Suddenly, he noticed a flashy sports car parked by the side of the road. It looked like it had a broken tire. He passed it without giving it a second thought. He was so lost in thought that he almost missed the prone(俯卧的)figure of a human laying just by the side of the road.

        It was a woman, and she was weak. Luke immediately knew he had to help her as soon as possible. He noticed her expensive outfit as he lifted her. "Perhaps she owns the fancy car I saw a few minutes ago," Luke said to himself as he moved her to his truck and turned on the heater. He noticed that she seemed to be having trouble breathing, so he called 911 and reported his exact location as well as the predicament(困境)he found the woman in. Soon the ambulance came, and the woman was carried away.

        After checking on his daughter the next day, Luke decided to see how the woman he rescued was feeling. He had been told she was getting treated in the same hospital. It turned out that she was no longer in danger. She was very grateful for his kindness. After learning about his daughter, she expressed great sympathy.

注意:续写词数应为 150 左右。

        A week passed with Luke trying his best to work something out for his child. 






        Who might be kind enough to pay for the surgery?